Makeup artist for models and celebrities, along with his brothers have created AKUcosmetics


AKU is the makeup brand created by  Marcos family  SL, a company composed of the makeup artist, her brothers Daniel and Anibal Marcos. and the Designer Raquel Gonzalez, professional in the management of large projects that knew how to capture the vision of the partners for the creation of the brand, which is inspired by the current, active, modern woman … AKU offers easy-to-apply beauty tools that Provides security and facilitates day to day.

AKU represents the Moon, and it is the name of our first make up line. It is the name for this powerful celestial body in the ancient Babylon. We have chosen the Moon as a feminine symbol full of light and energy.


AKU  Marcos family  SL

Victoria Marcos, in recent years has become the indispensable makeup artist of models and celebrities, worldwide, (as described) and the experience, passion and ability of Raquel González to manage projects, has motivated partners to create and launch your first makeup line. AKUcosmetics, is your commitment of the brand creation team to enhance natural beauty.

The personal concept of Marcos family SL partners is reflected in the process of creating their own makeup products, under the coordination of Raquel González, in charge of the R&D center for the creation of the makeup line, as well as the creation of the image of the firm and the management of the market study for the development of natural products as well as sophisticated, giving an elegant, daring and fresh appearance. knowing how to understand the bet of each of the partners, with a result that you will love!



AKUcosmetics is inspired in real women and offers personalised products to guarantee perfect and luminous skin at every moment.

Our passion for make-up drives us, as we understand the importance of looking your best in today’s world, and how this can help by enhancing your sense of confidence.


At AKUcosmetics we deeply believe in sustainability, social responsibility and environmental equilibrium. To face this challenge, we have created a research and development unit, known as AKUlab, so our experts can study different alternatives to recycling products and containers, as well as investigating the development of natural products. We aim to drive forwards strategies for social awareness to create a better world, and we hope for your collaboration in this.



The purpose of AKUlab is to find natural ways to enhance beauty, trying to make use of the synergy between the benefits of natural cosmetics and our desire to promote the use of sustainable containers.

We have a global perspective and we wish to promote a circular economy, requiring social, environmental and economic aspects to overlap, in order to extend the useful life of available products so that they can be reused, recycled and, in the future, recharged.



At AKUcosmetics, as well as finding a range of products and shades for every type of skin, you can find advice from Vicky Marcos on how to use these products to get the most out of them, with step by step guides and video tutorials where you can be the protagonist by sending us your own videos using our products to Info@akucosmetics.com

Modern Woman

Marcos family & Company has been inspired by many types of beauties. No matter how your skin is, our products have been designed for each one of us. Our products offer results for a complexion with light, juicy and perfect. We have thought about the life of the modern woman, so we create our products taking into account each type of woman, regardless of her style, age, and skin color.

Our passion for makeup makes us more aware of the importance of the image of women today, of the importance of makeup for women and how to feel beautiful gives us security and can transform the way we feel.